Rudy’s BBQ

15 07 2009

One of the first things that popped into my head when I found out we were moving to Austin was Texas BBQ.  Yes, I know that’s kind of sad.  The fact that out of all the amazing wonders of the Lone Star state, I focused on food is pretty telling of my state of mind (and waistline).  But it’s always on my mind, what can I say?!?  People are very passionate about their BBQ here.  And each person has their favorite.  But a consistant favorite here is Rudy’s.


The first thing about the Rudy’s near my house…  It’s not a restaurant, it’s a gas station!!  Seriously!  Some of the best BBQ in Austin is attached to a Shell station.  Awesome.  But once you’re inside, you’re immediately transformed into a country cookin’ extravaganza.  It’s like a big church picnic inside.  There’s even a winding line (like you’re waiting for a rollercoaster).  There are rows of soft drinks, beer, cole slaw, potato salad, banana pudding, and huge pickles.


Once you get to the counter, you order your meat by weight.  “I’d like 1/2 pound moist brisket and 1/4 pound smoked turkey.”

After you get your 2 lbs of meat, you have to use their famous BBQ sauce.  The sauce comes out of the dispenser like lemonade from a Igloo cooler.  Even more awesome.


When you’re finished eating, they even have a hand washing jacuzzi that shoots warm sanitized water on your hands and gets rid of all the sauce and meat that may be sticking to your fingers.

Rudy's Hand Washer

One of my favorite things is the cole slaw here.  It tastes sweet and tangy, just like KFC but fresher and more delicious.  I’ve tried to recreate the recipe and I think I’ve got it pretty close.

Sweet Cole Slaw

Serves 6


1 small head green cabbage

3 carrots

1 c mayonnaise (can substitute light)

1/4 c sugar

2 T apple cider vinegar


  1. Grate cabbage into small pieces using a box grater or the grating blade on a food processer.
  2. Grate carrots using box grater.
  3. In a big bowl, combine mayonnaise, sugar, and vinegar with cabbage and carrots.