About Spendlove on Food


Eating in Istanbul

Eating in Istanbul

What is Spendlove of Food?  Well my name is Will Spendlove and I love to talk about food.  And I love to spend love on food.  Get it?  It’s double entendre.

It’s also about sharing a recipe with others.  It’s eating with friends.  It’s tasting something new and unfamiliar.  But mostly to me… Spendlove on Food is invoking a memorable and enjoyable experience, through food.

Some of my favorite childhood and adult memories are intermingled with food experiences.  Making spudnuts with my dad at Halloween, making Christmas candies with my great grandmother, learning the exact way to cook a biscuit with my mom, or having 250 people over for a huge luau.

All of these experiences surround food.  And they are what I’m all about!!



7 responses

9 07 2009
Eleni karahalios

Will this is great! Thanks for sharing!

9 07 2009
Brooke Stockman

YUMMO! I love great recipes… We are addicted to Food network.. Spencer my second son loves to cook with me and my oldest Andrew makes Killer Mac and cheese… I will be following you blog baby… Can;t wait to see what you come up with…


9 07 2009
Brooke Stockman

Will you need to add a follow this blog button.. so I can add you to my list…

17 07 2009

Willie! Where’s my blackcake recipe? I am very intrigued by the cherries jubilee. I will try it very soon.

18 07 2009

Look at you! This is great, Will. What is a spudnut?


21 07 2009
Janice Simbala-Kelly

Hi Will! Just wanted to drop in and check out the site-which is great, I love it! So great meeting/chatting with you at the Food Network ‘audition’….I did not get the call back….maybe chef hat/whisk tattoo lady beat me out?? Consider yourself bookmarked!

27 07 2009
Christie Hanna

Hey Will! Finally made it to your site & I’m looking forward to keeping up with you here. Remember me? I met you with my friend Janice (above) at the Food Network shindig. Did you end up making your video? Hope you’re well. I’ll stop back in to see what you’re up to…

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