New Blog Name

17 07 2009

I’m getting even more and more into my blog.  So, I decided it’s time to invest in a URL.  Sadly, Social Food is already taken and would have cost me over $3000 to buy it.  And not be available for three years!!  

So, I decided that since my last name is pretty clever, I’d play off that… and get my own URL.

So welcome to the all new…

Spendlove on Food (  

It’s a little play on words since I’ll be talking about foods, and spending my love on food too.  Clever, eh?

I’ll be cooking tomorrow and so will have some great recipes to share in the next few days.

Good luck and good cooking!


Spendlove on Food




4 responses

17 07 2009
Amy Nisbet

Love the concept! I will bookmark the site! Best of luck!

17 07 2009

I love the name, It is a great play on words and your last name works so well. I have really been enjoying your website. Keep up the good work.

20 07 2009
Goo #1

allo! soooo excited about your blog! I love food/recipe blogs! So you are now bookmarked and on my daily viewing checklist! luvs!

16 08 2009

SUCH A GOOD NAME!!! I like it much better than your original name even! Keep it up – I’m excited to see what this becomes!

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